H±Topia, Kettle Creek, Placeholder, SPQS Universe

Sample Chapters for Upcoming Novels

I set up three new wordpress blogs, one for each of my novels, where you can read preview chapters of my upcoming books, extra samples from published works, relevant blog posts, and more.

#>PLACEHOLDER_ : http://placeholdernovel.wordpress.com/

KETTLE CREEK : http://kettlecreek.wordpress.com/

H±TOPIA : http://htopianovel.wordpress.com/


H±Topia, Kettle Creek, SPQS Universe

A Tale of Two Novels

Six months have gone by since my last blog post—but I’ve been writing every day, even if all I could squeeze in around work and my personal coding projects was the refinement of a sentence or two.  Immediately after I completed the final draft of Placeholder and sent it off to be edited, I jumped right into my next writing project—and it quickly became obvious that there was only one way to approach it.  I had to write two novels at the same time.

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