About the Phoeron

I’m a transmodern multi-medium artist, musician, author, and neuro-occultist, with a particular penchant for theoretical physics, quantum computation, robotics, neuroscience, and science fiction.  I like to diversify my talents, study as many academic subjects as I can fathom, and integrate everything I learn into the mediums I work with.

And this is where I’ll talk about all of that, the processes I go through, the ideas that come to me, and the experiments I perform to try and capture and focus my wandering mind.  If long-winded rants annoy you, well, I’ll definitely annoy you.  I love to write, reflect, and muse; the more words I can put my thoughts into, the better.

Don’t forget to visit my artist website, with links to my music, books, art gallery, and ongoing occult projects: